Sunday, October 20, 2019

Lenawee Dems in the community

Your local Democratic party giving back to help the community and the environment!

This summer and fall, The Lenawee Dems have sponsored a 2.7 mile stretch of US223 for the MDOT adopt a highway program. We had a blast cleaning up. We'll be back in the spring and all who care about the environment and fellowship with the Dems are invited. Keep a look out on our Facebook page, this page and our newsletter to get involved with us!

This Fall and Winter, we will be at Share The Warmth of Lenawee, serving meals on the first Thursday of the month. It is a honor and a privilege to help out our community. The Len Dems will take any help to either provide food and/or serve the meals. Please contact us if interested.

Link to Share The Warmth of Lenawee: